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Parisians are more unhappy now than usual.

According to multiple sources, the French are currently experiencing a general sense of unhappiness and dissatisfaction with their country and leadership [2]. Various factors have been attributed to this sentiment, including a feeling of uncertainty and worry [3], a lack of freedom [5], and frustration with issues such as high inflation and proposed pension reform [6, 7].

Additionally, research has shown that French expatriates tend to report lower levels of happiness than those of other nationalities, suggesting that there may be a cultural dimension to French attitudes towards happiness [8]. Despite these factors, it is important to note that France’s economy has fared relatively well in recent years, and the country remains an important ally to the United States and other nations [1, 9].

In summary, while there are likely multiple factors contributing to the current unhappiness among the French population, these factors include a feeling of uncertainty, a lack of freedom, and frustration with various political and economic issues. However, it is important to note that France remains an important global partner and continues to have many strengths, including a rich cultural heritage and a robust economy.

And we have the rats!

According to multiple sources [1, 2, 3, 5, 6], Paris has had a longstanding issue with rats. The city is home to an estimated 4-6 million rats, or about 1.75 rats per inhabitant [3]. The rats can be seen scurrying around the city’s parks, metro stations, and boulevards on a daily basis [5]. Parisian officials have been waging a war against the rat population, with the city budgeting €1.5m annually since 2017 [2].

However, according to a recent article in Breitbart, a trash worker strike in Paris has led to a “change in the behavior of rats” and concerns of a rat invasion as approximately 10,000 tonnes of uncollected garbage have piled up on the city streets [4]. It is worth noting that rats are typically found in cities around the world, with Paris ranking among the top 5 most infested cities [3].

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