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As I spent even more time in my apartment and my office than last year, for obvious reasons, I got very annoyed by these tiny, hard to see, impossible to kill flying pests. I have no idea how they get into the house. They always go for my nose and eyes, and sometimes wake me up, trying to explore my nostrils. NOT ANY MORE!

As sprays and candles did not work, a couple of months ago I asked Pedro the Exterminator, who visits the apartment once a month, what would he recommend. Without hesitations, he said, “Only fly paper works.”

I had four strips strategically hanging from the ceiling for four weeks now. Last time I saw ONE gnat was eight days ago and only for a minute. There are a couple of dozen insects stuck on each sticky strip. Please note that I have the strips located near lights – I guess there is a way to outsmart a gnat! They do have about 100,000 neurons; we have 100,000,000,000, so we should be able to.

Sometimes a cheap, old-fashioned, low tech, low environmental impact solution is best. Worked for me.

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