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[Work in progress. You would think that during the pandemic I would have had a lot of time to write, right?! Well, between the writers’ block and all the new work coming in for MassMonopoly because every one wanted a website and online business, I did not write anything. I am at it again. Yay!

New French Brothers school.
Collège des Frères de Jaffa (Arabic: مدرسة الفرير في يافا‎) is a French international school on Yefet Street #23 in Jaffa, a district of Tel Aviv. A part of the La Sallian educational institutions, it opened in 1882. Originally it was in the Mutasarrifate of Jerusalem, Ottoman Empire, before being in the British Mandate of Palestine; currently it is in Israel.

Special class
Bad boy, good grades
Bul-Bul and the other brothers
The teachers
Crush on Pnina, my teacher
Singing falsetto at church
Hashaon & shetah hagadol
Climbing on the minaret
Watching the whores
Bat Yam
The beach, body surfing, matkot
Hasela, rock diving
Student strike, teaching physics
Shabat and harissa sandwiches, cigarettes

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