15 years of
integrated marketing

My multi-disciplinary approach to  marketing, advertising and consumer education combines right-brain imagination with left-brain logic & analysis. Generating breakthroughs in performance and drawing out brilliance in organizations through the application of art and science.

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I have extensive experience spearheading branding, market penetration, customer acquisition/retention/education initiatives. Industries include emerging technology, bio-technology, healthcare, higher education, retail, services and multinational Fortune 100 and 500 enterprises.

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Question Everything

Todays market demands that organizations innovate or die. The job of a marketing leader is to trade on that innovation, never let “good enough” govern the next iteration. The consumer is #1 – we must constantly adapt, refine and reinvent our products/services based on their actual needs… not a “sweet” feature set.

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About Me

288202eI am an accomplished, entrepreneurial-minded marketing executive adept in problem solving and demand generation with over 15 years of experience leading a high technology, digitally-based organization. I have deep experience leading, concepting and coordinating multichannel marketing efforts via TV, Web, Digital, Social, Mobile, Direct, and Event marketing. Superb leadership, interpersonal, presentation, analytical, and operational skills. Recognized as an innovator; a strategic thinker who is effective and accountable in high-profile executive roles. I have a fiery passion for empowering business coupled with extensive experience spearheading market penetration, customer acquisition, customer retention and technology-enabled training/learning initiatives for emerging technology, retail, bio-technology, healthcare, higher education, services and multinational Fortune 100 and 500 enterprises.

I have successfully led many high profile initiatives, from strategy through the tactical execution across all disciplines. From branding and lead generation to social management, marketing and advertising. Mobile, digital, social, education, activation. Let’s talk about your goals.

Industry Experience


From customer loyalty and education, to establishing share of voice in your market; of utmost  importance is that customers feel the value you provide.


What’s the next shift in your market? Where will disruption strike next? How do you position your organization for new growth?


In todays 27/7 fully transparent marketplace, how can you position your company for success? How do you engage social to power the development of your brand?


From innovations through to regulations; how do you ensure a compassionate and responsible outward presence and turn those same traits inward?


You don’t need to look far to see confusion in Healthcare today – How can you cut through the clutter? How can you let the public know you actually care? That you are here to heal?

Data Security

Protecting data is about more than ensuring data security; it’s about making sure your customers feel safe! How do you do that? You educate them as to why and how you do what you do!

Higher Education

Higher education is being disrupted at a rate unseen for over 300 years. What’s next? How will you deliver? How do you compete? Innovation is key, how can you turn the old model upside down?


You have a great idea, product or a disruptive business model… Awesome! Now what? How will you jump to the next revenue goal? How will you grow from a technical product to a customer centric organization?

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